SoCal Thom
I'm a keyboard shortcut kind of guy. I try to learn as many of them as I can, because it just makes me more efficient. If you use Final Cut Pro X, and are like me, you've found that there are likely more shortcuts than you'll ever be able to remember. This nifty keyboard cover will remind you of many of the more important ones, and fits the Apple extended keyboard perfectly. I was a little concerned that it would interfere with my typing when I'm not using FCP, so I just assumed I would take it off and put it back when needed. I've found, however, that I can just leave the thing on all the time, and can type just fine (as I am doing right now with this review). A bit on the pricey side for what you're getting, but hey, if you're an FCPX user and want to learn many of the basic keyboard shortcuts, you can't go wrong with this. I'd buy it for a loved one (but I don't have any who use FCPX!).