Pro Tools Keyboard Cover

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No matter what your skill level, you will benefit from using a Pro Tools keyboard Cover or keyboard!

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You can now create and edit your projects faster and easier than ever with our Pro Tools keyboard cover! The cover includes over 70 of the most important and popular Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are color coded for easy identification and usability.

Our keyboard covers are ultra-thin and form-fitting, creating a responsive tactile feel that does not affect typing ability or speed. Every key is individually molded and specially printed for a long-lasting professional look. The multi-color printing is heat fused to ensure long lasting durability - no chips or cracks. The covers have a silky-smooth feel, so they are soft and comfortable to the touch.

The cover also safeguards your keyboard from dirt, spills and wear and tear, allowing you to protect your investment in your Mac.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, let KB Covers help you master your Pro Tools shortcuts!

Your shortcut to genius.

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US English, British English, French (AZERTY), German (QWERTZ)

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MacBook Pro 14" & 16" – (2021+), MacBook Air w/ M2/M3 Chip – 13" & 15" – (2022+), MacBook Air w/M1 Chip – 13" (2020-2024), MacBook Air w/Intel Chip – 13" (2020), MacBook Pro 13″ (2020-2023) & 16″ (2019), MacBook Pro w/Touch Bar – 13" & 15" – (2016-2019), MacBook Air 13″ (2018-2019), MacBook Pro – No Touch Bar – 13″ (2016-2017), MacBook 12″ (2015-2017), MacBook Air – No Touch ID – 13″ (2008-2017), MacBook Pro Retina – 13″ & 15″ – (2012-2015), MacBook Air 11″ (2010-2015), MacBook Pro – 13″,15” & 17” – (2008-2012), MacBook 13″ (2006-2010), Magic Keyboard w/Touch ID (2021+), Magic Keyboard w/Lock Button (2021+), Magic Keyboard (2016-2021), Apple Wireless (AA batteries) (2008-2015), Magic Keyboard w/Touch ID & Numeric Keypad (wireless) (2021+), Magic Keyboard w/Numeric Keypad (wireless) (2016+), Apple Ultra-Thin Keyboard w/USB & NumPad (wired) (2007-2016)

13 reviews for Pro Tools Keyboard Cover

  1. Dr. Big 74

    Fits and is accurate. Typing is like any other skin, and the shortcuts are true. I am an Avid certified Expert instructor and I urge my students to use these for shortcut learning.

  2. Carmelita Castrellon

    It really does help you remember hot keys faster. Especially when your on the go and don’t have that full keyboard in front of you.

  3. T. Davis

    Fits the keyboard wonderfully and does not move around like some other brands that I just reviewed. Great product and a must-buy if you need to learn the shortcuts.

  4. DB

    This is AWESOME. Finally learning my shortcuts

  5. Vincent Marullo

    This fits perfect on my magic keyboard! Very happy I purchased this

  6. Robert

    Great product

  7. Mlaughlin

    this is a great item, it really doesn’t fill like a cover it feels like the key are design like this. Great product

  8. Ruth Ben

    I love this skin it’s the greatest thanks so much

  9. S.C Russel

    Great for the price. Makes navigating pro tools better and protects your keyboard as well. Get it.

  10. Paulo Golin

    Fits perfectly. Amazing short cuts. I recommend.

  11. Chloe

    Perfect, pro, and useful!

  12. Joel Secunda

    Great fit for my macbook!

  13. Lucas Hernandes Nascimento

    Very nice product, matching the description, good price and timing!very happy with the purchase, seller is very accurate and precise.

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